Camp 2012 – Day 5

I’m writing tonight’s post from the DVD burning party in the camp office. I’ve joined Craig, Marc, Danny, Jeff, Becca, and Tate in burning 138 DVDs of the daily recap videos for all the campers to take home with them tomorrow. We’ve only got 5 computers working for us so we’re going to be up late, but our spirits are high and there’s plenty of snacks to go around 🙂

It’s been a great week. Our speaker, David Smith, did a knockout job. Not only did he present the kids with biblical truth, but he also challenged them to take their faith seriously and live it out when they come home. To learn more about David and his ministry, visit

I’m proud of my students and everyone here. Cedars really is a unique, Christ-centered ministry. As one student remarked in her testimony tonight, “I’ve been to other camps before, but I’ve never felt accepted and loved like I do here. There’s something different about this place.” If you ever have the opportunity attend summer camp or send your son or daughter here, I highly recommend it.

Tonight I was blessed with the privilege of leading acoustic worship around the campfire. I was the first one to get there, so the first couple of songs I sang were between just me and God. I’ll close with this photo from my time alone:

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