Mike’s Top 5: Rock | #1: Weezer – Say It Ain’t So

There’s not much to say about this one, really. Say It Ain’t So by Weezer is easily my favorite rock and roll song of all time:

The Blue Album is the first CD I ever bought of my own accord. As a fourth grader, a lot of my musical preferences were shaped largely by … [Continue reading]

Mike’s Top 5: Rock | #2: Jimmy Eat World – Bleed American

It was 2001, and I was cleaning out my car (a gold 1987 Mercury Cougar, if you must ask) in the driveway. To make the chore go a little faster, I had my radio tuned in to 89.7 The River. That’s when I first heard Bleed American by Jimmy Eat World:

This might sound … [Continue reading]

Mike’s Top 5: Rock | #3: Foo Fighters – Everlong

Is it just me, or was 1997 a great year for music? Here’s just a sampling of the records that came out that year:

Jars of Clay – Much Afraid Radiohead – OK Computer Sixpence None the Richer – Self-Titled Spice Girls – Spiceworld (Ok…maybe not that one) Five Iron Frenzy – Our Newest Album … [Continue reading]

Mike’s Top 5: Rock | #4: Phantom Planet – California

No, I did not find out about this song because it was the theme for The OC. And out of respect for Arrested Development, I intend to never watch a single episode.

It was 2002, and my family was on vacation. We were channel surfing in the hotel before going to bed when this performance … [Continue reading]

Mike’s Top 5: Rock | #5: Reeve Oliver – I Want Burns

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while now, and while a holiday week may not be the best time to start, I figure I should do it while I’ve got the time. Today, I’m introducing a series of “Top 5” countdowns here on the blog, simply because I want to share my favorite … [Continue reading]