Israel 7 – The Negev

Today we explored the biblical Negev and the greater Negev, discussing topics such as prescribed versus practical religion; Abraham’s way of life; and the the influence the Nabateans had over trade in the south.

Our first stop was Tel Arad, the site of the biblical city of Arad. We learned of its strategic position … [Continue reading]

Israel 6 – The Shephelah

Today we traveled down the Shephelah, hitting various biblical cities and discussing corresponding narratives along the way. We stopped at Beit Shemesh, Shaaraim, Lachish, and Ashkelon. After learning about the Diagonal Highway in class yesterday, it was helpful to experience the region in person.

At Beit Shemesh, we learned about the historical tug of … [Continue reading]

Israel 5 – On Jordan’s Muddy Banks I Stand

Today marks the end of an amazing-yet-tiring week. My brain is full of new information, my legs are tired from hiking, my memory is busy cataloguing once in a lifetime experiences, and my heart is grateful.

We started out the day just east of Jerusalem in the Judean Wilderness. The land we observed is … [Continue reading]

Israel 4 – Overload

Wow…today we did so much that it’s difficult to process. It was our first day out in the field, and we went to nine different sites. Instead of trying to unpack every site in detail, I will attempt to give a quick ‘snapshot’ of each of our stops.

We started out the day on … [Continue reading]

Israel 3 – Where Jesus Walked

Today we went on the New Testament Jerusalem walk, traveling to Robinson’s Arch, the Southern Wall of the Temple, and the pool of Bethesda.

Robinson’s Arch is located on the southwestern corner of the Temple, named after Edward Robinson, the American archaeologist who discovered it. As we sat in the area that used to … [Continue reading]