Guitar & Drum Lessons

1972 Thinline ReissueI am now offering in-home guitar and drum lessons. If you’re interested in learning to play guitar or drums in a fun and casual environment, let’s talk! With over 20 years of experience performing in music venues, festivals, churches, and schools, I can help you achieve your musical goals. I’m happy to teach beginners of all ages. As a former youth pastor, I work great with kids!

In my time as an instructor, I have adopted a results-based philosophy of teaching. Let’s face it, the reason you’re taking lessons isn’t because you want to show off a bunch of odd-timed drum grooves to your friends – you want to play that Twenty One Pilots song! In addition to teaching foundational skills, I will create a roadmap for you to be able to play your favorite songs. So whether you want to join a band, play on the worship team at church, or just have fun with your friends, I can help.

E-Mail me to get started: mikeharvat {at} gmail [dotcom]