Before and After


I just completed my third week of ministry at Covenant Cedars Bible Camp on behalf of Community Covenant Church, and all I can say is dang. Or maybe wow, I’m not sure. Last week was Junior High week, and it left me simultaneously heartbroken and encouraged. Allow me to explain:

Up to … [Continue reading]

Camp 2012 – Day 5

I’m writing tonight’s post from the DVD burning party in the camp office. I’ve joined Craig, Marc, Danny, Jeff, Becca, and Tate in burning 138 DVDs of the daily recap videos for all the campers to take home with them tomorrow. We’ve only got 5 computers working for us so we’re going to be up … [Continue reading]

Camp 2012 – Day 4

Ok. I’m pretty tired tonight so I’m gonna get down to business. Here’s the rundown of my typical day at camp!

7:00 AM – Morning Run This morning I finally got up and ran a couple miles to start my day. I’m glad I did; the weather was beautiful and despite being somewhat fatigued, it … [Continue reading]

Camp 2012 – Day 3

We’re in full swing at camp now, and I’m in that state that’s halfway between excitement and exhaustion. Today I got to spend a little more time with my students who are campers (Haley, Jonathan, and Sarah) than I usually do, which was nice. We played in a volleyball tournament, and when our teams weren’t … [Continue reading]

Camp 2012 – Day 2

Sarah and Stephanie by the gaga pit

Today was the first full day of Senior High camp, and I already sense that God is at work. Sometimes event organizers will wait until the last night to “pull out all the stops,” but I’m pretty sure that isn’t how God does things, and I … [Continue reading]