Remedy Drive’s Commodity Is the Album Christian Music Needs

About a year ago, I picked up my friend David from the airport and gave him a ride to The Grid Studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. His band, Remedy Drive, was deep into the recording of their new record, and he was flying in for a few days to record vocals and fine tune a few … [Continue reading]

Mike’s Top 5: Rock | #3: Foo Fighters – Everlong

Is it just me, or was 1997 a great year for music? Here’s just a sampling of the records that came out that year:

Jars of Clay – Much Afraid Radiohead – OK Computer Sixpence None the Richer – Self-Titled Spice Girls – Spiceworld (Ok…maybe not that one) Five Iron Frenzy – Our Newest Album … [Continue reading]

Relient K and Biting My Tongue

Relient K – Photo by Jered Scott

From time to time, one of my friends will ask, “Hey, whatever became of the Relient K ordeal?” This is my attempt at answering that question…sorry it took so long!

A few months ago, I saw that Relient K had posted a teaser video for their upcoming … [Continue reading]

Camp 2012 – Day 2

Sarah and Stephanie by the gaga pit

Today was the first full day of Senior High camp, and I already sense that God is at work. Sometimes event organizers will wait until the last night to “pull out all the stops,” but I’m pretty sure that isn’t how God does things, and I think … [Continue reading]

Seminary Update – Fall 2011

This update is coming a little late, but I wanted to make good on my promise to share some of my coursework from last semester. What follows is an excerpt from a “reflection journal” I wrote for my Vocation and Spiritual Formation class. These journals chronicled our experiences with the various spiritual disciplines we explored … [Continue reading]