Camp 2012 – Day 5

I’m writing tonight’s post from the DVD burning party in the camp office. I’ve joined Craig, Marc, Danny, Jeff, Becca, and Tate in burning 138 DVDs of the daily recap videos for all the campers to take home with them tomorrow. We’ve only got 5 computers working for us so we’re going to be up … [Continue reading]

Camp 2012 – Day 2

Sarah and Stephanie by the gaga pit

Today was the first full day of Senior High camp, and I already sense that God is at work. Sometimes event organizers will wait until the last night to “pull out all the stops,” but I’m pretty sure that isn’t how God does things, and I think … [Continue reading]

Camp 2012 – Day 1

Hello again friends! I’ll be serving at Covenant Cedars Bible Camp over the next two weeks for their Senior High and Junior High camps. I arrived this afternoon, and I’ve already had the joy of helping in the kitchen, playing on the worship team, and selling snacks in the canteen. It’s going to be an … [Continue reading]

Jesus Creed for Students

I’ve been selected as one of 50 youth workers to receive a free copy of Scot McKnight’s latest book, Jesus Creed for Students:

..The gravity point of a life before God is that his followers are to love God and to love others with everything they’ve got. Scot McKnight now works out the “Jesus Creed” … [Continue reading]