Camp 2012 – Day 5

I’m writing tonight’s post from the DVD burning party in the camp office. I’ve joined Craig, Marc, Danny, Jeff, Becca, and Tate in burning 138 DVDs of the daily recap videos for all the campers to take home with them tomorrow. We’ve only got 5 computers working for us so we’re going to be up … [Continue reading]

Day 19

Today, I was told by a student that my blog is too boring. So how’s this?

That’s right. A snake!

And of all people:

Yep. The girls of CCC are pretty awesome.

Boring posts will resume tomorrow.

… [Continue reading]

Day 12

The Day Tessa Accidentally Locked Danny Inside the Tower A Story in Pictures

At first, Danny thought it was a joke.

He soon realized that this was no laughing matter.

The children took notice of Danny's plight.

The children wanted to help.

"Jump, Danny! We'll catch you!" they said.

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Day 10

Ladies and gentlemen, I present, at long last…the pictorial tour!

My day starts at 6:45 when I get up to go for a run.

Sometimes, Tessa joins me.

After cleaning up, I head over to the staff meeting at 8 AM to discuss the daily schedule:

Then it’s time for breakfast. … [Continue reading]

Day 7

Pathfinder camp started today. It’s a bit different, yet fun, leading songs for a bunch of 1st and 2nd graders. I’m relying on the girls to lead the songs with a bunch of actions – they’re doing a great job!

To be perfectly honest, I got a lot of sleeping done today, so I don’t … [Continue reading]