David Potter’s “Man of Sorrows, Glorious King”

My good friend David Potter just released an album of worship songs and hymns called Man of Sorrows, Glorious King. I’ve known David since I was in high school, and I’ve been bugging him to put out a record ever since. The wait is over, and I’m happy to recommend this CD to anyone … [Continue reading]

Day 18

I’m about to head to bed after the first night of Senior High camp. Once again, I’m super excited to see so many of the kids out here. If I’m not forgetting anyone, this week there are 18 including campers and staff – 21 people from CCC altogether! Ridiculously awesome.

Session was pretty good tonight. … [Continue reading]

Day 15

It’s amazing what open, honest dialogue in the name of reconciliation can do. Today was a complete sea change for the worship team. After a day and a half “funk,” we were finally of one mind and one purpose for today’s sessions. It’s a good place to be, and I’m glad we’re getting there before … [Continue reading]

Day 14

I returned to camp today for Trailblazer (3-4 grade) Camp. The evening session had a few mishaps, but the kids were doing a good job of singing along and learning the actions.

Tonight, the worship team had a late-night rehearsal that ended with some good discussion on maintaining unity and committing to treating one another … [Continue reading]

Day 11

Tonight, I opted to spend the last hour sitting in on a cabin’s debriefing time. We discussed everything from the Trinity to hearing God’s voice to free will to why friends die. I certainly didn’t claim to have all the answers, but I think I helped them dig a little deeper. Hopefully what I … [Continue reading]